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Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana Seeds

Nirvana's history can be traced way back to the end of the 1980s. At the time, Nirvana's founder was working in Positronics, the legendary Amsterdam grow shop. It was here that he attained the knowledge and inspiration to start his own cannabis seed business. He spent years travelling, seeking out and collecting marijuana seeds from the finest strains available. Yet more years went into experimenting, growing, crossbreeding and developing new cannabis strains, from which the very best were selected for Nirvana's range of first-rate hybrids. After applying and expanding his knowledge in a number of Amsterdam's well known grow shops, the time had come to offer the world the expertise he had gained and the excellent products he had developed. In 1995, Nirvana was officially founded. From its origins as a cannabis seed specialist, Nirvana has grown into an innovative business concept. Its unique and original range of carefully crafted hemp products serves to expand the usage of this extraordinary plant further than ever before.

Nirvana Seeds

  • Blue Mystic

    Blue Mystic

    Price From: £15.50
  • Bubblelicious


    Price From: £15.50
  • Chrystal


    Price From: £24.50
  • Ice


    Price From: £15.50
  • Indoor Mix

    Indoor Mix

    Price From: £15.50
  • Kaya Gold

    Kaya Gold

    Price From: £15.50
  • Master Kush

    Master Kush

    Price From: £24.50
  • Medusa


    Price From: £15.50
  • Northern Light

    Northern Light

    Price From: £15.50
  • Papaya


    Price From: £15.50
  • Venus Flytrap

    Venus Flytrap

    Price From:

    Regular Price: £15.50

    Special Price: £12.40

  • White Castle

    White Castle

    Price From: £15.50
  • White Rhino

    White Rhino

    Price From: £15.50
  • White Widow

    White Widow

    Price From: £24.50
  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman

    Price From: £15.50

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