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British Columbia

British Columbia

British Columbia Seeds. World's Strongest Marijuana Seeds from BC BC Seeds has been Online since 1998 and spends more money on research and development than any other seed bank, and recently it paid off. The spring of 2009, they introduced the creation of the highest THC strains, and by a considerable amount compared to other seed banks. Their Korean Skunk was the changing point. The owner travelled to the far ends of the earth, into the mountains accessible only by walking hundreds of miles into untouched territory. That is where he found a plot of unaltered Cannabis Landrace which were outstanding in every aspect, taste, yield, and THC content. The secret to BC Seeds success is using rare and unique landrace strains, which grow more vigorously and produce much more THC. All the other seed banks are breeding seeds from old mother clones, whose genetics deteriorate quickly. They are getting lazy, they just pass around clones from mother plants that are over 10 years old. They just are not healthy or vigorous, and the genetics that passed along from the worn out mother's are plainly sub standard. It's easier and more profitable, but the medical community doesn't want average seeds. There is a demand for extremely high THC strains to help people suffering whom are in serious pain. That's why they decided to produce each seed from selected land races which are grown from seed, not clones. Best of all, their strains are so powerful, and triple the yields, a little goes a long way. This means medical users do not have to smoke more than a puff or two, which stretches their dollar. British Columbia, Canada is world famous for it's BC Bud. They use the most advanced breeding techniques, and if you ask around, their customers are always smiling. BC Seeds, making life a bit greener.

British Columbia

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