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Barneys Farm Seeds

Barneys Farm Seeds

The team of experienced breeders at Barney’s Farm has been gathering landrace genetics from around the world since the early 1980’s. This enables Barney’s Farm Research Lab to create the very best and rarest marijuana strains. Barney’s Farm has won many international prizes for the high quality and stability of its products and is a recognised world leader in the production of top quality seeds. This passion for our chosen life underlines our commitment to provide our customers with the best genetics possible. We continue our search for rare genetics and we are devoted to the creation of new and exciting marijuana strains.

Barneys Farm Seeds

  • Honey B

    Honey B

    Price From: £26.49
  • L.S.D


    Price From: £34.49
  • Laughing Buddha

    Laughing Buddha

    Price From: £34.49
  • Liberty Haze

    Liberty Haze

    Price From: £36.49
  • Little Cheese Auto

    Little Cheese Auto

    Price From: £16.49

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